Chronic painChronic pain can cause you a lot of distress. You might even have regular chiropractics or surgeries to “cure” the problem. And still the pain doesn’t quite go away.

A lot of chronic pain occurs because no one, to date, has found “the bottom line” — the real reason for your pain. And the real reason for your pain may not even be close to the painful area.

First, we’ll talk about your pain. When did it start? Is it constant or off-and-on? We use my “plastic man,” a skeleton, to help us talk about the issues.

Suppose you have lower back pain, for instance. You might assume that your abdominal area is out of shape, or your back is sprained, and so forth. Those issues might be part of the problem, but not all.

During my assessment, I might notice tension in your hip and abdominal areas. And so I might talk to you about diet. Why? Because food sensitivities and allergies can interfere with the kidneys’ and ureters’ ability to drain into the bladder, and this might cause issues with your overall circulation and elimination of waste processes.  The bladder and others can become irritated, and this generating tension can cause muscles and fascia to pull on parts of your hips, lumbar, and spine. Because the spine is involved, you might see issues in any region or part of the body — and so people often believe replacing hips and shoulders is the solution. Actually, replacements may not get to the heart of the issue.

In some cases, the constant muscle and fascial tension, secondary to allergies or food sensitivities puts a strain on your bones and begins to weaken the bone itself. We find that muscle and fascial tension is always secondary to a more primary issue.

Again, I sometimes (if not often) find that nutritional issues, allergies, food sensitivities, toxicity, Lyme’s disease, and /or emotional energies stuck in tissues, are the elephant in the living room.

I suggest that you try Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT), what I practice, before surgery or other invasive techniques, or in combination with them. The IMT assessment techniques will pick up on if any of the above and /or others are a significant contributor to a health care issue and IMT will be able to address them effectively.

How we can help you

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