Mental healthMany people come to me complaining of deep-seated stress. “I can’t sleep.” “I’m anxious.” “I’ve got so much stress my head hurts.” And so on.

With each client, I “map” their body. Feeling with my hands for areas that may be causing pain or stress.

As I work to relieve their stress and /or pain I might uncover a certain emotional energy. For instance, if you’re depressed, your lungs will map in a certain way.

So, if I do suspect depression, I ask about it. Have they ever experienced depression? Are they depressed now? And so forth. Sometimes a client is surprised to learn that there may be mental health issues to explore.

In these cases, I recommend a licensed professional counselor or a psychologist. The client is always welcome to return to me without seeing a mental health professional, however if they have significant emotional, mental, and /or spiritual issues having a professional mental health professional of some kind on their team usually helps them to make faster and more sustainable progress. Yes, I can help release mental,  emotional, and /or spiritual  energy stored in the body, and this enables the client to release physical pain and deep seated stress and gain healing insights about them selves. It’s just I find they can enjoy a more complete state of health when they add counseling to their treatment plans.

On the other hand, when someone is already working on mental health issues with a professional, my help can be exponentially powerful. For instance, I’ve had clients report that they’ve “hit a plateau” with counseling, meaning that they feel they understand the issue at hand from all angles, but just can’t seem to move forward with their process. When I help them release emotional,  mental, and /or spiritual energy from various parts of their body, they begin to feel better almost immediately. We might have found a complementary “chunk” of energy that they’ve been storing. And this buoyancy carries them through to the next step along the way to obtaining a sustainable state of feeling good.

In my work I find that all pain and stress always has an emotional, mental, and /or spiritual energetic component to it. Not always serious enough to need counseling but it always needs to be addressed if I am to quickly and efficiently help the client resolve issues of pain and dysfunction.  IMT provides techniques and methodologies to address emotional, mental, and /or spiritual energies in noninvasive and safe manners.  Never any gimmicky or trendy sensationalism practiced here.

How we can help you

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