Strain counter strain

How to relieve muscle spasm?

Strain Counter Strain (SCS) releases chronic muscle spasm and tension. SCS is one of several techniques we use to treat muscle issues.

During Strain Counter Strain, the therapist holds the client in a specific position for at least 90 seconds, and applies other subtle techniques with the hands while holding the client in the position. We find SCS particularly effective when we’re unable to release muscle spasm and tension with standard massage.

SCS goes hand-in-hand with myofascial release, massage therapy, and muscle energy therapy.

We choose SCS and our other therapies when they’re needed to reduce prolonged muscle tension, ligament fiber tension and tendinitis. Prolonged muscle tension can lead to much joint and bone dysfunction and pain. Because the muscles remain tight, they may eventually pull joints out of alignment, causing a ripple effect of dysfunction throughout the body. A hip out of alignment, for instance, can cause chronic shoulder pain and ultimately damage. Misaligned joints in the foot can cause all manner of compensation throughout the body and, over time, sustained damage to muscles and joints.

By using SCS and other techniques, we resolve muscle tightness, chronic tension, and joint misalignment. Then we can find and address the underlying causes of the tightness to help prevent it from recurring.

It’s important to remember that muscle tightness is always secondary to an underlying problem. Something causes muscles to tighten, almost a kind of protection of their underlying tissue and bone. And that’s what our therapies can resolve for you — addressing not just the symptom, but the problem itself.


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