Whether your sports injury is old or new, we can help (photograph by Caroline Culler)You may have already tried physical therapy, massage, chiropractors, osteopaths and/or others. But you’ve still got discomfort and/or pain that you can’t seem to resolve. Chances are, doctors have already told you, “You’re just going to have to learn to live with it.” This would be a perfect time to come see me. If the Doctors were aware of what IMT can do they would not tell you “you are going to have to just learn how to live with it” with out referring you for IMT first. IMT offers techniques and methodologies not found anywhere else at this time in history. They can pick up where the other professionals left off and finish the job.

The low back pain when you bend over, or shoulder pain when you move your arm a certain way, the ankle and leg sprains — I can help you with it all. The integrative manual therapy techniques I use can facilitate the resolution of your injuries — even old ones.

To find out for yourself, call for a free consultation — 757.869.1936.  Most people feel better after their first visit.

How we can help you

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