Wellness checks

Although people don’t  come to me for the traditional medical “wellness checkup,” we do talk a lot about wellness issues in the course of treatment.

Wellness is an integral part of what happens during therapy.

For instance, when people first come to me, we talk about their pain, and I ask a lot of questions during intake.

During their therapy, I notice issues that they may not have brought up.  For example, I may notice that they have active tension in their hip area. Often, I find that allergies or food sensitivities are linked to tension in this area. So we talk about it, and I learn more about their diet and activities.

In such an instance, I may talk to them about eliminating gluten from their diet, at least for a while, as an experiment to see if this makes them feel better.

When they next come in, we’ll talk about anything they’ve noticed as a result of the change in diet.

Another wellness issue is water. Even though tap water has been deemed safe to drink in most municipalities, it often contains chlorine and other chemicals that could interfere with their physiology and how water gets to their cells.

So, as we search for the right diet solutions, I might suggest that my clients drink specific types of water which could help their body to hydrate better.

My point about wellness is this: it involves your entire body — how you use it, what you put into it, how much rest and exercise you give it, and so forth. It’s a process that can take a while to figure out.

So, if you’d like to feel better, have more energy, and don’t have any particular pain — we can still help you become even healthier and feel great. Give us a call at 757.869.1936 and we’ll get started on how you can feel better.

How we can help you

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