Cranial sacral therapyWhy do I need to improve my central nervous system?

Improving your central nervous system can greatly contribute to your overall health. Your central nervous system coordinates your every move, sending and receiving information throughout your body. Oh, and it includes your brain and spinal cord — pretty important parts of your body, and ones that may be tied in to health issues.

Cranial sacral therapy (CST) applies non-invasive, hands-on techniques to the skull, face, neck, spine, sacrum, and hips to improve central nervous system function. CST is extremely relaxing and can release the deepest of deep-seated stress.

At IPRC, we use CST to relieve pain, especially in the head, sinuses, TMJ, teeth, ears, eyes, throat, neck, low back, sacroiliac joints, and hips. CST also helps with systemic inflammation, lympho problems, and infection.

CST has the unique ability to upgrade the immune system while boosting general wellness and a sense of well-being. Some aspect of CST is applied in every therapy session at this clinic as it is such a total body therapy and always has something to offer for the clients’ general health and well being.

Many clients appreciate CST because it’s relaxing and helps improve concentration, focus, and lack of energy.

Although cranial sacral therapy isn’t massage therapy, we often use it in tandem with a massage.


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