Muscle energy therapyMuscle energy therapy (MET) is a non-invasive, hands-on system of therapy effective for correcting misaligned hips, shoulders, joints, and vertebrae. Muscle energy therapy improves joint function and postural issues.

After muscle energy therapy, we apply Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) techniques to further release tension in ligament, tendon, muscle, and fascial tissue — tension that’s often been present for a very long time. In the process of therapy we detect and correct the underlying cause of the joint misalignment, and may also use techniques as needed to help cartilage, nerves, blood supply, toxicity in joints  and disc issues.

Muscle energy therapy was first developed by Dr. Fred Mitchell, Sr., D.O. We use a modified version of Dr. Mitchell’s MET which was developed by the developers of Integrative Manual Therapy.


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