Neural tissue tension therapyWhen parts of your body have been affected by sickness, injury, or pain, nerves in affected areas can become “locked in tension” just like a muscle can. I relieve pain by first relieving tension in affected areas.

Like leathery strings, nerves can stiffen and shrink, which interferes with neuro conductivity and creates pulls on other parts of your body resulting in pain and dysfunction. Neural tissue tension may affect muscles, connective tissue, and blood vessels, causing affected regions of your body to become compact and less flexible.

Neural tissue tension therapy allows sustained nerve tension to be released which results in relaxation and release of pain and improvements in other functions such as range of motion, bio-mechanics, circulation, muscle tension, and others.

On an injured knee, for instance, I might use neural tissue tension therapy to relax the nerves around the knee which would facilitate healing in other aspects of the knee. Sciatic nerve tension may pull the hips and sacrum out of alignment and can cause  dysfunction and pain in other areas, creating digestive problems, headaches, shoulder dysfunction, and a host of other issues.

We most commonly use neural tissue tension therapy in cases of prolonged muscle tension, healing of injuries, residual pain from surgeries, infections, and prolonged join and postural alignment problems.

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