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About The Innovative Pain Release Center

We specialize in helping you feel better by reducing or eliminating your pain.

I know something about pain. I’ve suffered from gluten allergies, Lyme’s disease, and several other ailments, including low back pain. Over time, I overcame my allergies and their residual affects on my body and immune system.

I overcame these painful, stressful conditions through treatment using integrative manual therapy (IMT). As a young man, I came to trust these techniques so much that I decided to go back to school to learn them, and so help others.

For many people, pain and illness is a way of life. IMT techniques facilitate healing in ways that are similar to homeopathy and acupuncture. Essentially, IMT activates your body’s self-healing capabilities.

Innovative Pain Release Center (IPRC) addresses the “total person” — from posture to emotional well-being to diet. I customize a tailor-made, non-invasive, relaxing, and pain-free program for your success.

I am an advanced-level IMT therapist and a nationally certified massage therapist. Advanced training in Integrative Manual Therapy requires an intensive three-year academic program. I completed the required training at the Connecticut School of Integrative Manual Therapy. I then brought this effective, innovative work to Williamsburg, Richmond, and most of central Virginia.

In addition to the three-year program, I’ve completed advanced IMT training and I continue ongoing education each year. To be considered an advanced IMT therapist, I needed to become proficient at practicing advanced techniques unique to IMT. I also had to become proficient at therapies that include cranial sacral, myofascial release, strain counter-strain, neurotissue tension, lymphatic, and massage.

As a result, I offer you extensive experience managing and eradicating pain. Among my practicing health care professionals who specialize in IMT are physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists, registered nurses, and physicians.

I am a certified massage therapist who specializes in IMT.

Discover what satisfied clients have to say about me and Innovative Pain Release Center. For a complimentary evaluation, give me a call at 757.869.1936 or 804.573.9516.

Yours in vibrant health,

David R. Herring, CMT, IMT


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