avatarI know we will be coming to David for a long time. He gives the example of the onion, and that he's got to get down to more and more layers each time. And Justin has felt significant improvement. We used to come every other week, but the "off" week really did turn out to be "off" for Justin, so now we come every week. We have other medical professionals in Justin's life, but coming to David once a week has given us the greatest relief and satisfaction.

Alice Threlkeld
Mother of Justin Threlkeld
avatarI have some bone issues that have caused a serious low back pain for many years. David Herring helped me feel better almost immediately.

Don Leftwich
Williamsburg, VA
avatarI had a bad fall a dozen or so years ago, and have had three back and neck operations over the years. I am in fairly constant pain, especially my shoulder. So when, after a long photo shoot, David invited me to "try the goods," I went for it. After that hour, which has been more than two months ago, I have not felt a twinge of pain in my shoulder. Sounds like a miracle, but there you have it. I'm now going to David regularly to work on other areas.

Helen Oderisi
Williamsburg, VA
avatarDavid listens very carefully to what my problems are and I feel that he really brings improvement, most notably in misalignments of my feet, hips, and ribs that no other health practitioner was able to solve, or maybe understand. I also follow his dietary suggestions, which over time have made me feel happier and more balanced. Generally I am sleeping better. David has also brought me relief for headaches or nausea. I find it quite a miracle.

Lianne Van de Ven
Williamsburg, VA
“At last, someone was actually able to locate the epicenter of combined factors that had eroded my health and vitality until I had become almost an invalid---the proverbial 'monkey-wrench'in my gears of good health. What amazed most, he immediately put his hands on main lynchpin problem and deftly began the gradual process of extracting it, so that when I left his office to drive back home to the Northern Neck following my initial visit, I was 100% pain-free and felt greater well-being than I had in, literally, years! I have begun taking courses to become a certified practitioner myself.”

Ethan Brent
Northern Neck, Virginia

Hi David. I am feeling so much better. Your treatment last Tuesday took care of the last problems with my shoulder and my hip/thigh region. Best they have been in years. I did exercise class and line dancing this week and have had no problems. I also have been able to sleep on my side without bothering my shoulders for the first time in many years. Thank you so much.

Mary Ruth
Williamsburg, VA
David has helped me significantly with vertigo, digestive problems, reflux, having difficulty getting food all the way through my esophagus, recovery from a leg injury, dental surgery, and eye surgery, circulation issues with lymphedema, and generally staying healthy and feeling good most all the time. I come to see David once a month no matter what is going on with my health at the time as his therapy always releases all my stress, helps my energy to stay high, and gives me a sense that his therapy is playing a big part in my staying healthy and feeling well. After all I am 78 and very active and love life. As a result of my therapy with David Herring, I experience my body, mind, and spirit as integrated and healed. It is a joyous feeling for which I have deep gratitude.

Bobbi Morgan
Retired Pharmacist, Williamsburg, VA
avatarPTSD trauma energy stored in the body impedes any thing and every thing from healing. At Innovative Pain Release Center we have special manual therapy that enables the body to dissipate PTSD in a relaxing way.

Marie Lewis
avatarBefore coming to see David Herring for therapy I had chronic low back and hip pain so bad I could hardly walk and was miserable most of the time. I also had chronic digestive issues which were making me feel poorly. The doctors were saying the only thing that might help was to have a hip replacement. I was not willing to have this out of fear that I might get stuck with something even worse that could not be reversed. After beginning regular Integrative manual therapy with David it wasn't long before I began to have much less pain and could walk better.

Bill Jones
Williamsburg, VA
avatarI enjoy coming for regular therapy. It is always very relaxing and never painful and I experience continuously feeling less pain and having more energy. My digestive issues have gotten much better thanks to David's dietary discoveries and suggestions. His assessments showed I should stop taking in certain foods and drinks which I did eventually with his support and encouragement.

Bill Jones
Williamsburg, VA