David is a professional, kind and caring therapist who is very generous with his time in caring for a patient as a whole person. He takes the time to fully listen to and address any and all of your issues of pain and discomfort and identifies the areas one may need help in relieving pain and feeling poorly. He looks at you as a whole person and addresses all the various systems in our body along with your medical history. I have been able to eliminate and cut down several medicines under the guidance of my pain management doctor. David’s totally relaxing light touch pain relief therapy sessions have truly helped improve my life.

I am feeling the best I have in many years. I combine easy gentle chair yoga, walking, eating a more healthful diet for better nutrition and trying many of the various healthful suggestions from David along with my light music and meditation. My sleep and dizziness have improved, I have increased energy and am able to do more gentle activities without increased pain. I feel totally relaxed after a session as if I'd been to a spa. I am able to do some activities I have not been able to enjoy in a long time.

Iris N.
Williamsburg, VA
avatarI have been coming to David’s office for treatment for the last two years.  The gentle therapies David provides have been instrumental in recovering from significant and chronic back/hip/leg pain.  David truly listens to your concerns, asks detailed follow up questions, and hones in right on your specific issue.  Even though I no longer experience chronic pain, I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated after my monthly session with David.  I cannot recommend the treatments he provides enough! David’s calm nature and gentle therapies have made a huge impact on my life.

Heidi Condrey
Williamsburg, VA