Advanced IMT Training

My education as an Integrative Manual Therapist (IMT) never ceases. I read and research every day to stay current on the latest developments in this field, which focuses on reducing or eliminating pain. Each summer, I travel to Connecticut for an intensive block of training from the experts who developed IMT.

This month I completed 4 blocks of training at the IMT center in Hartford, Connecticut and while I was there, I received IMT therapy from one of the original developers. Receiving therapy helps me to be more effective.

The training this summer focused on the heart, circulatory system, and gastrointestinal tract. I gained new skills and knowledge that are helping me to be more effective at everything I offerI.

Increased Abilities

I also increased my ability to advise you about

  • staying healthy through therapy and user-friendly dietary changes
  • using supplements effectively*
  • identifying potential allergies
  • doing self-therapy methods at home

*Please note: I’m not marketing supplements. I just know some key ways for using them effectively and safely. Many people don’t realize that supplements can make us feel poorly and contribute to illness, also.

25% Discount

If you haven’t been to see me for a while, I hope you’ll come soon. My effectiveness has grown enormously in the last year. Mention this post and I’ll give you a 25% discount on a session.

Hope to see you soon!

– David Herring, IMT