What makes a holistic or conventional practitioner good for me?


When evaluating a holistic or conventional health care practitioner, ask us about our training: how many years have we studied, whether we keep up our training, and where we study. Since 2001, I’ve completed more than 90 modules of training. In addition, I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients and hundreds of unique constellations of physical ailments and physical ailments intertwined with energetic problems such as PTSD. My studies are ongoing because there’s a whole lot more information emerging about pain and how to manage and eradicate it. I plan to  continue learning throughout my career.

Scope of Treatment

In the meantime, know that most of my clients have one or more of the following:

  • headaches and migraines
  • lower back pain
  • generalized “just not feeling great”

Hence, these are areas I really excel in and continue to study.

I use the same or similar techniques on other parts of the body, however. Chances are I have a great deal of experience with the kind of pain or “dis-ease” that you’re feeling.


If you ask your holistic practitioner if there’s any help they know of for your situation in the everyday arena of general health care and they dismiss that option, telling you to stick with alternative health care, this could be red flag warning. For example, I’ve seen alternative health care practitioners try to influence people not to consider medications for their situation, because they think the medications are not natural. Consequently, this can lead to more health problems and people getting stuck in chronic suffering. I’ve seen people who need the best from non-conventional and conventional health care in order to have good quality of life. So keep an eye open for the practitioner with an intelligent and integrated perspective to help you resolve your pain and/or not feeling well. Also, if any of your healthcare practitioners—holistic or conventional—discount something because they have never heard of it, then that is not good. There are emerging holistic and conventional therapies and methodologies that hardly anyone has ever heard of at this time in history which have the potential to help so much

Remember, be smart and think things through!

– David Herring, IMT