Hello everyone out there. Wishing you all joy of the season and throughout the new year!

My skills to help you lose pain, feel better, and /or stay or become healthy have improved significantly this fall. This is because of my continuous research and development and training in the profession of Integrative Manual Therapy. I am an advanced level Integrative Manual Therapist.

I received new manual therapy training last summer and this fall for releasing different forms of stress. These could be related to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual phenomena, and /or physical and emotionally traumatizing situations. Releasing this stress is accomplished through relaxing non-invasive hands-on integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) techniques. This does not involve talk therapy. I am often able to help stubborn physical pain resolve by incorporating stress-related manual therapy techniques with anatomical or physiological based manual therapy techniques.

In addition to this, I received new training for helping pain and dysfunction related to bone tissue and physiology such as bone that has become weak and fragile, poor circulation in bone, or bone not able to assimilate calcium efficiently.   Presently I am finding this new training is helping me be more effective at helping release pain in any of the joints especially in the ankle, knee, hip, sacral, low back, neck, and TMJ. Different forms of stress can become sequestered in joints. Unique IMT stress related technique combined with unique IMT techniques for addressing the physical body can be key to resolving complex joint pain situations.

First-time visitors can receive a free assessment combined with therapy session for free.

Returning clients can receive a 25% discount on a session by mentioning this post.

I hope to see you soon!

David Herring