Learning To Eat Healthy and Losing Weight With Kindness For Ourselves                              


I have been around the block with learning how to eat 

healthy.  Some of my learning came from overweight people telling me how they lost weight.  I have never had a weight problem but have worried about if I was eating well enough to live into my old age without having pain and health problems like so many senior people have.  Also I wanted to feel well generally speaking and have plenty of energy all of my life.  So in 1977 my questions were how to eat in a way that will help keep me healthy and feeling well for the long haul. 

 I have been giving therapy for pain and discomfort and related stress since 2001. The integrative manual therapy (IMT) school where I received my training in cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release, integrative manual therapy, and strain counter-strain therapy taught extensively about eating in ways that would help keep you well, and help with becoming pain free and staying pain free. My interest in healthy diet before training and while at school has enabled me to be good to have on your wellness support team for losing weight and eating well.  I don’t make appointments for dealing with weight and having good diet.  However I do share my knowledge and experience about diet along the way of helping people with pain, discomfort, and stress.  Also I know excellent professionals in the Williamsburg Virginia region who can help with weight and diet issues.

 Here is an approach I learned about in integrative manual therapy (IMT) school and from several others about how to lose weight.  This approach is simple and a good way to not become overwhelmed by cravings and grief from missing what you love to eat.  This approach can be good to try in the beginning. Before trying this approach it would be good to check with your primary care doctor about your plans.  If it doesn’t work then it would be good to seek professional guidance again and have certain tests to see if you have a physiological dysfunction that won’t let your body lose weight.  Often there can be an addiction component driven by physiological dysfunction or emotional related stress and discomfort that drives eating the wrong things and eating too much.  If that’s the case there are counselors and psychologists who can help with this.

 Some cravings and comfort derived from foods that don’t serve your body well can be too overwhelming to let go of on your own.  Deciding to take your time with losing weight and not getting compulsive about it will help. It’s best to be gentle with yourself and not beat up on yourself if you slip off your path. There can be a process of going back and forth between slipping off your losing weight or healthy eating path and getting back on it before you become established in a way of eating that works for who you are.  This is a learning process that takes time.  Remember no one diet fits all.  One diet may work great for one person and make another one unhealthy.  Check with a holistic integrative medical doctor who is up on the ins and outs of helping people with losing weight safely.

 Ok here is what I have often seen work for people.  Stop eating refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  There are exceptions such as good quality chocolate low in real sugar, except if you have a sugar dysfunction in which case your doctor may say its ok to have a certain chocolate sweetened with an artificial sweetener.  For sugar cravings eat raisins, rolled dates, apples and sweet potatoes with honey or organic maple syrup on them, dried apricots, figs, oranges, pears, melons, bananas, berries, sweet potatoes with berries pushed into them, raisins put in yogurt and kiefer.   Putting cinnamon on bananas, ice cream, yogurt, kiefer, and others, helps regulate blood sugar.  I know people that have had cinnamon bring their unhealthy blood sugar levels into a much more healthy range.  The sugar in fruits, real maple syrup, and honey is not the same thing as refined sugar.  Some say it is good for you.  Others say it is not good for you.  I have chosen  to believe it’s good for me and not worry about what the others say.  I am doing well eating lots of fruit and having honey in tea, on apples, and sweet potatoes.  You don’t have to do all this perfectly.  It can take some time to really have a knowingness about what works for you.  Just keep picking up ideas here and there and try them out if you want to.  You can take your time getting the hang of what works for you however be persistent and don’t give up. I had a client who came to see me for help with pain.  She had been eating nothing but fruit for around 3 years.  A diet professional put her on this diet because that was the only thing she could stomach eating at the time.  She is now eating a regular diet. When I met her she looked healthy and felt OK, except for pain not related to food.  She was of a normal weight and had plenty of energy.  I ran into her recently and she said she did the fruit diet for 4 years and liked the way she had felt on the fruit diet.  It was just time to stop it because it was too hard to keep stocked up on good quality fruit in Virginia.  It was easy where she had lived earlier.  She that there are enough nutrients in fruits to meet your nutritional needs when eating nothing but fruit.  Hearing this I decided I would just drink water soon as I got up for the day then have lots of fruit and my regular coffee then not eat anything else for at least an hour and a half.  I sometimes don’t eat any thing else until I eat lunch.  My energy keeps going enough hours after eating the fruit to make it to lunch.  I learned from some doctors it is extremely beneficial to have a glass of water soon as you get up and wait at least 1/2 hour before eating anything.  It detoxes, hydrates cells, helps with digestion and elimination, and helps get your life force energy circulating.  I also met a holistic doctor who eats fruits and drinks water like this.  I lost 10 pounds from my abdomen by doing this morning fruit and water routine. When you run across controversies about what is healthy and not healthy like with sugar accruing naturally in fruits and honey and real maple syrup being bad for you or good for you depending on who you listen too, an integrative holistic medical doctor can help immensely. 


Along with refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, and high fructose  corn syrup (HFCS) eliminate preservatives, food coloring, any kind of hydrogenated foods or fats and anything that is low fat.  Learn what the good fats are and where they are found and which oils are good to cook with.  Good fats are important for good health. Wholistic integrative primary care doctors usually know about this and can help eliminate confusion about low-fat and whole fat foods and good and bad fats.  Also they can help with the contradictions about what is considered healthy fats and unhealthy fats coming from what different health care professionals are saying.  After you get the hang of keeping these out of your diet it could be good to avoid soy lecithin in chocolates and other foods with it in them.  You have to look through the selections at stores to find chocolate without soy lecithin. They are there. Try to eat chocolates low in sugar.  Carrageenan added to foods such as ice cream, guar gum, and citric acid added to food are good to avoid. Interferes with good physiological functioning such as digestion.  If the ingredient label says citric acid from natural sources it’s ok.  If the label just says citric acid, its not good. Think of avoiding all these things as best you can remembering there will be times when you can’t due to circumstances and that that’s ok.

 Having the intention of doing these thing the best you are able seems to help the body do better.  It’s as though it knows you are on its side and then gets more on board with helping you feel well and having more energy.  It’s as though the body’s inner intelligence responds and says it will work with you and now it can help make it all happen.  You’ll start to feel your body is working with you.  You’ll be able to enjoy life a lot more once you get established in a way of eating that works for you and it becomes second nature. 

 I received education about eating a general healthy diet while going to IMT school for cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release, integrative manual therapy, and strain counter-strain.  They taught that low fat foods actually contribute to not being able to lose weight and cause problems with components that can contribute to blood sugar problems and others.  There is a lot of controversy about this presently that’s been going on for a long time.  For myself I never eat anything that’s low fat. I was taught organic whole fat foods are much more healthy than low fat foods. My primary care doctor believes this also. While working to eliminate all these things just eat good ole wholesome whole and real food that you enjoy.  If doing all these things doesn’t allow you to lose much weight then food allergies or sensitivities and other allergies, toxicity from a variety of sources, hidden infections, and overeating may be preventing losing weight.  There are blood tests that can help figure this out.  Holistic integrative doctors are a good resourse for helping you figure out if food sensitivities or allergies, toxicity, or infections and others problems are making it hard for you to lose weight.  Once tested they give you guidance on how to proceed.

 Remember to take it easy with all this since it takes time to get the hang of it.  Try to relax into it saying lets take a journey and see what happens.  Remember what you find on the other side of this may really feel good and help get you set to live into your old age feeling pain free and well.  It seems all these things have worked for me.  I am 66 and feel good and I am pain free and need no medication for my health maintenance.  It’s never too late to begin restoring health.  Today there is so much good help for this and it is getting more effective all the time. 


David Herring

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