Clinical based evidence is that certain types of sustained tensions, pressures, stress, and sutural restrictions in the cranial sacral system (these are where the bones that make up the skull meet) and any other joint restrictions such as shoulder or hip joint restrictions.

There can be sustained and active muscle, fascia and other soft tissues tensions, deep seated stress, and trauma left behind by injuries, surgeries, fright, and difficult emotional situations. These are often missed during the course of different kinds of intervening health care. Using cranial sacral, MFR. IMT, and strain counter strain therapy  can be effective for chronic pain and or pain management, acute pain, and releasing stress and deep seated stress adding to the pain. There can be active pain from nerves being impinged by and dragged across hardened scar tissue. This can contribute to mystery or un-diagnosable pain. Specialized Myofascial release techniques combined with IMT modified osteopathic muscle energy techniques can soften surface and deep scar tissues, and help to release internal adhesions: Safe, relaxing, and is not painful. 

Cranial Sacral, Integrative Manual Therapy, Myofascial Release and Strain-Counter-Strain have similarities to acupuncture, cupping, homeopathy, and some osteopathic manual therapy in terms of what they can accomplish. All therapy here is non-invasive, safe, and relaxing. It is not painful. Massage Therapy can be brought in if needed. All the other therapies are received while clients are fully clothed in the own clothes. For massage therapy professional draping is used.

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