Client Testimonials

It’s been difficult to find someone to treat me for pain. I have had 4 spinal surgeries and in 2011 I was diagnosed with transverse myleitis, my spinal cord is continually inflamed and often causes pain.

I read about myofascial release, and then did a search and found David on line. He’s helped me move forward at a greater pace than any other professional. It’s really worth the long drive.

It is truly amazing to me that David’s therapy helps me so much and I feel very lucky to have found him. David does a more newly developed system of therapy and it is hard to find people who are able to do it well.

-FrancisĀ  (Note-Francis is a patient with a very difficult pain to manage. She was sensitive to touch and needed a gentle touch to help her relieve pain and stress. We were able to get her on the right track and on her way to feeling better. It helps to contact us at Innovative Pain Release Center to determine your needs.




Living with multiple chronic illness and permanent nerve damage that cause severe pain and dizziness for many years, I found myself grasping at straws to help myself. I am very sensitive to the medicines the neurologist prescribed. The pain and dizziness had become unbearable and I rarely had a better day. Having always been a strong and positive person I was not willing to give up on having a better life at the age of 61. Having tried acupuncture, the TENS unit, calmare treatments, cervical shots, PT, and various medicines among things over the years with limited success, I truly felt like giving up on ever feeling better. Then my husband and I attended a health and wellness fair at Colonial Heritage community where we have been living for 2-1/2 years, where we met and spoke with David and his wife Linda about integrative manual therapy: a noninvasive therapy that included craniosacral therapy and other therapeutic light touch techniques. Having lived with severe pain from a cervical fusion, spinal cord stenosis, spondylosis and cord damage for many years, along with small fiber peripheral neuropathy, I would welcome any relief from my symptoms. The most important thing was that I would not be further injured in any way.
I can’t say enough to express my appreciation and gratitude for David’s sincere efforts in helping me to live a better life.

Bill Jones
Williamsburg, VA


David is a professional, kind and caring IMT therapist who is very generous with his time in caring for a patient as a whole person. He takes the time to fully listen to and address any and all of your issues of pain and discomfort and identifies the areas one may need help in relieving pain and feeling poorly. He looks at you as a whole person and addresses all the various systems in our body along with your medical history. Dietary nutritional discussions along with many other healthful suggestions and the totally relaxing light touch pain treatment sessions have truly helped improve my life. I have been able to eliminate and cut down several medicines under the guidance of my pain management doctor. I am feeling the best I have in many years. I combine easy gentle chair yoga, walking, eating a more healthful diet for better nutrition and trying many of the various healthful suggestions from David along with my light music and meditation. My sleep and dizziness have improved, I have increased energy and am able to do more gentle activities without increased pain. I feel totally relaxed after a session as if I’d been to a spa. I am able to do some activities I have not been able to enjoy in a long time.

Iris N.
Williamsburg, VA