Client Testimonials

This Patient was having persistent pain since having deviated septum surgery.  The symptoms improved through my using cranial sacral therapy combined with myofascial release therapy. She wrote this to me.

Hi David, I had hoped I might be able to see you before I left town to move, but alas too many things are required that don’t leave me the final opportunity. So, just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for your help and kindness this spring. I really appreciate it. 


As a physical and craniosacral therapist myself, I appreciate David’s skill, knowledge and professionalism.

When I first saw David, I was limping terribly and was waiting for a knee replacement. This limp caused strain throughout my body. His total body approach addressed the knee pain as well as my gait and spine tension.

David’s approach helped me recognize the tension patterns throughout my body caused by the limping gait. I continued sessions with David after knee surgery as my body changed during recovery.

Each session began and ended with a whole body assessment and review of my symptoms. David’s presence and individualization of the therapy added a deep healing experience to the treatment.


I have been experiencing pain in my back for the past 3 ½ years due to an injury from working out. I have tried different types of treatment with very limited results and was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. After my first appointment with David I felt significantly better. I have continued treatment and my back is doing better than at any time in the past 3 ½ years. I also had extreme tightness in my legs that developed while working from my home office during COVID-19. The tightness was gone after the first session and has not returned, which is simply amazing. In addition, I have a long-term issue with my foot that he has begun to address. I have seen some improvement in an area where I thought I needed to just live with the pain. The techniques that David uses are not painful in any way, which is different from my previous experience with Myofascial Release Therapy. I highly recommend David for anyone who is dealing with chronic pain.

David listens very carefully to what my problems are and I feel that he really brings improvement, most notably in misalignments of my feet, hips, and ribs that no other health practitioner was able to solve, or maybe understand.  Generally, I am sleeping better. David has also brought me relief for headaches or nausea. I find it quite a miracle.

Lianne Van da Ven

Williamsburg, VA

It’s been difficult to find someone to treat me for pain. I have had 4 spinal surgeries and in 2011 I was diagnosed with transverse myleitis, my spinal cord is continually inflamed and often causes pain. I read about myofascial release, and then did a search and found David on line. He’s helped me move forward at a greater pace than any other professional. It’s really worth the long drive. It is truly amazing to me that David’s therapy helps me so much and I feel very lucky to have found him. David does a more newly developed system of therapy and it is hard to find people who are able to do it well.

Justin Threlkeld

I know we will be coming to David for a long time. He gives the example of the onion, and that he’s got to get down to more and more layers each time.  And Justin has felt significant improvement. We used to come every other week, but the ‘off’ week really did turn out to be ‘off’ for Justin, so now we come every week. We have other medical professionals in Justin’s life, but coming to David once a week has given us the greatest relief and satisfaction.

Alice Threlkeld, Mother of Justin Threlkeld

I had a bad fall a dozen or so years ago, and have had three back and neck operations over the years. I am in fairly constant pain, especially my shoulder. So when, after a long photo shoot, David invited me to ‘try the goods’, I went for it. After that hour, which has been more than two months ago, I have not felt a twinge of pain in my shoulder. Sounds like a miracle, but there you have it. I’m going to David regularly to work on other areas.

Helen Oderisi

I have some bone issues that have caused a serious low back pain for many years, David Herring helped me better almost immediately.
Don Leftwich

Williamsburg, VA

Living with multiple chronic illness and permanent nerve damage that cause severe pain and dizziness for many years, I found myself grasping at straws to help myself. I am very sensitive to the medicines the neurologist prescribed. The pain and dizziness had become unbearable and I rarely had a better day. Having always been a strong and positive person I was not willing to give up on having a better life at the age of 61. Having tried acupuncture, the TENS unit, calmare treatments, cervical shots, PT, and various medicines among things over the years with limited success, I truly felt like giving up on ever feeling better. Then my husband and I attended a health and wellness fair at Colonial Heritage community where we have been living for 2-1/2 years, where we met and spoke with David and his wife Linda about integrative manual therapy: a noninvasive therapy that included craniosacral therapy and other therapeutic light touch techniques. Having lived with severe pain from a cervical fusion, spinal cord stenosis, spondylosis and cord damage for many years, along with small fiber peripheral neuropathy, I would welcome any relief from my symptoms. The most important thing was that I would not be further injured in any way.
I can’t say enough to express my appreciation and gratitude for David’s sincere efforts in helping me to live a better life.
Iris N.

Williamsburg, VA

David is a professional, kind and caring IMT therapist who is very generous with his time in caring for a patient as a whole person. He takes the time to fully listen to and address any and all of your issues of pain and discomfort and identifies the areas one may need help in relieving pain and feeling poorly. He looks at you as a whole person and addresses all the various systems in our body along with your medical history. Dietary nutritional discussions along with many other healthful suggestions and the totally relaxing light touch pain treatment sessions have truly helped improve my life. I have been able to eliminate and cut down several medicines under the guidance of my pain management doctor. I am feeling the best I have in many years. I combine easy gentle chair yoga, walking, eating a more healthful diet for better nutrition and trying many of the various healthful suggestions from David along with my light music and meditation. My sleep and dizziness have improved, I have increased energy and am able to do more gentle activities without increased pain. I feel totally relaxed after a session as if I’d been to a spa. I am able to do some activities I have not been able to enjoy in a long time.

Iris N.

Williamsburg, VA

Innovative Pain Release has helped me so much providing pain relief for my physical pain while releasing my emotional stress.  David makes you feel relaxed and comfortable as he listens intently to you and explains how he approaches working with you. David’s healing hands are a true gift

Thank you, David!


I wanted to express gratitude to David Herring. He has been incredibly caring and helped our daughter to release stress accumulated in her jaw with holistic manual therapies that was causing numerous issues. I feel relieved to have met a health care provider who sees human body as a whole system.  Our girl is happier and more active.


Hi David, I just wanted to let you how much your three sessions helped my sciatica. Since my last treatment, my pain level has steadily decreased to feeling pain free. I was having knee pain at the same time I had sciatica, but I knew the two were unrelated as I’ve had knee pain before also. I had an appointment yesterday with an orthopedic doctor, had x-rays and was told I had almost bone on bone arthritis in my left knee. He gave me a cortisone shot which gave me immediate relief. So, your treatment for sciatica and the cortisone shot in the knee have been a godsend. I’m finally able to move around without pain and also get a good night’s sleep! Thank you, David!

Radonna Hankinson

I have been working with David for just over a year now and could not be happier with the results I have received. He has helped to greatly reduce my back pain, neck pain and knee pain. Thanks, David!

Lindsey Norman

David has helped me significantly with vertigo, digestive problems, reflux, having difficulty getting food all the way through my esophagus, recovery from a leg injury, dental surgery, and eye surgery, circulation issues with lymphedema, and generally staying healthy and feeling good most of the time. I come to David once a month no matter what is going on with my health at the time as his therapy always releases all my stress, helps my energy to stay high, and gives me a sense that his therapy is playing a big part in my staying healthy and feeling good. After all, I am 78 and very active and love life. As a result of my therapy with David Herring, I experience my body, mind, and spirit as integrated and heated. It is a joyous feeling for which I have deep gratitude.
Bobbi Morgan

Retired Pharmacist, Williamsburg, VA

Before coming to see David Herring for therapy I had chronic low back pain and hip pain I could hardly walk and was miserable most of the time. I also had chronic digestive issues which were making me feel poorly. The doctors were saying the only thing that might help was to have a hip replacement. I was not wiling to to have this out of fear that I might get stuck with something even worse that could not be reversed. After beginning regular therapy with David it wasn’t long before I began to have much less pain and could walk better.
Bill Jones

Williamsburg, VA

We are so appreciative to have found you!!! This is just what my mom needs right now; the long healing process has already been made much speedier with your expertise and kindness…and it helps her so much to feel pro-active by getting to the appointments!! Many thanks and blessings to you. I will encourage her to continue her work with you after these sessions are used, but I don’t think I will need to persuade her much, she has enjoyed terrific benefits (improved bowel function, as well as pain relief). Yesterday, I sent her some literature on the therapies of David’s practices. They are difficult to understand until one experiences them. Again, many, many thanks—and may you always have JUST the right number of patients….it is such a giving profession.

I have been coming to David’s office for treatment for the last two years. The gentle therapies David provides have been instrumental in recovering from significant and chronic back/leg/hip pain. David truly listens to your concerns, asks detailed follow up questions, and hones right in your specific issue.  Even though I no longer experience chronic pain, I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated after my monthly sessions with David. I cannot recommend the treatments he provides enough! David’s calm nature and gentle therapies have made a huge impact on my life.
Heidi Condrey

Williamsburg, VA

At last, someone was actually able to locate the epicenter of combined factors that had eroded my health and vitality until I had become almost an invalid-the proverbial ‘monkey-wrench’ in my gears of good health. What amazed me the most, was that he immediately put his hands on main lynchpin problem and deftly began the gradual process of extracting it, so that when I left his office to drive back home to the Northern Neck following my initial visit, I was 100% pain-free and felt greater well being than I had in literally years. I have begun to taking courses to become a certified practitioner myself.
Ethan Brent

Northern Neck, VA

Many thanks for keeping on the road to good health, I appreciate your generous time and commitment more than you know. I have come to David for various problems. I have had pain in my knees that he has helped relieve. He has helped me with clearing blocked energy that had made my legs twitch and jump at night. I sleep much more soundly thanks to his work. He even helped me with a virus that had been hanging on for many weeks using one of his techniques. I have recommended him to family and friends and all have experienced positive results. I would recommend David without hesitation to anyone who is looking for relief from pain and stress.

Maureen Bresnahan

Thanks for your continued support. After leaving a session with you last night, I noticed after dinner that my esophagus and breastbone area felt lighter and clearer. It’s true you don’t know how uncomfortable you’ve felt until you get better and see that you were really having lots of discomfort that you had gotten used to. I should say at this time how much you have helped relieve various (sometimes chronic) conditions over the last year — some due to sports injury, some due to osteopathic and circulation problems. I have a hiatal hernia which acts up in dramatic ways, as well as lingering effects from a stroke years ago. All have been improved with your integrative manual therapy. Your continual training and concern are a God-send. Many thanks for keeping me on the road to good health. I appreciate your generous time and commitment more than you know.
Allyson Harris

Williamsburg, VA

I have come to David for various problems.  I have had pain in my knees that he has helped relieve.  He has helped me with clearing blocked energy that had made my legs twitch and jump at night.  I sleep much more soundly thanks to his work.  He even helped me with a virus that had been hanging on for many weeks using one of his techniques.  I have recommended him to family and friends and all have experienced positive results. I would recommend David without hesitation to anyone who is looking for relief from pain or stress.
Cathryn Stam

Williamsburg, VA

Hi David.  I am feeling so much better.  Your treatment last Tuesday took care of the last problems with my shoulder and my hip/thigh region.  Best they have felt in years.  I did exercise class and line dancing this week and have had no problems. I also have been able to sleep on my side without bothering my shoulders for the first time in many years. Thank you so much.
Mary Rith

Williamsburg, VA

I came to David suffering from severe anxiety and mild depression.  After a few sessions, I was amazed at the difference it made in my life.  His innovative techniques are amazing and I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
Steve Wentworth

Richmond, VA

I came to David Herring for severe low back pain and spasms.  They have been resolved during a series of sessions with David. I am grateful!

From the beginning I appreciated David’s thinking about different issues.  He offered information and approaches that seemed unique to me. It was remarkable that the symptoms decreased and then disappeared over time – simply by his use of light touch techniques that cause no pain while being applied to very painful areas of my body.  

In fact, in addition to helping the areas of pain, I found his sessions relaxing and stress releasing. 

Maria C., RN

Williamsburg, VA

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