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David Herring is a gifted Integrative Manual Therapist. I didn’t really know that I might benefit from this kind of therapy until I helped him produce a video about IMT for his website. Based on what I learned in his video, I decided to try the therapy and it was so beneficial that I’ve been back for several treatments. My minor lower back pain is gone after David adjusted my descended sacrum; my allergies have been much more manageable after he identified whey as a problem in my diet, and a mystery ache in my ribs is gone after he addressed some sequestered emotional pain – that I didn’t realize I had. It’s very relaxing and non-invasive, so there’s nothing to lose. Give it a try!

-Laurie Allen


I have used David Herring’s IMT services many times in the past for various health problems, some had emotional bases others were for Myofascial release. This past week I sought his help for a painful sprained wrist and for an injured left heel that left me with Plantar Fascitis which interfered with my line dancing. I had made an appointment with a Physical Therapist for my wrist but decided to give David a try. I was amazed!! In one session my debilitating sprain became a memory! Cancelled my PT appointment.
And the same was the case with my heel which I had been struggling with for almost 8 months!! I highly recommend David for pain relief as well as for many other physical and even emotional problems. His gentle touch and reassuring demeanor are a definite asset.

-Mary Ruth


I would highly recommend David Herring and the Integrated Manual Therapy (IMT) techniques he uses. I never thought I would have this much return to function after over 50 years of muscle fibrosis and pain managed with chiropractic adjustments, massage and a gluten free diet. Removing gluten from my diet a few years ago stopped scarring down of the muscles, but deep massage was not returning much function or coordination, and can be uncomfortable.
The techniques used by David are gentle and relaxing – there has been no pain at all ! The IMT therapy is a different approach than regular medicine, and I definitely experience benefits and healing.

-Susan Banks


Just go! He did amazing work with my child who experienced post-concussive syndrome as an infant and toddler. She was most evidently helped by Mr. Herring.

-Rachel Ferrell

David does an amazing job. He has an easy and down-to-Earth personality that helps you to feel at ease. We has a light touch that can help to correct issues within the body. Contact him today!

-Lindsey Norman