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Present Goal for Offering My Abilities and Skills

I began training in cranial sacral therapy in 2001. In 2004 I began training in myofascial release and integrative manual therapy. I began my therapy practice in 2005. Now I mainly address complex pain and stress. Presently my clients experience significant improvement most of the time in their first session with me. If they engage in a process of therapy with me they usually obtain solutions for finding sustainable improvement.

I believe I am having this good success mainly because of being creative with techniques found with in the field of cranial sacral, myofascial release, strain counter strain, integrative manual therapy and various techniques used for restoring balance in soft and hard tissue joints. I am still giving therapy alone at my practice. I want to find an opportunity to work with in a pain management establishment. This is where I believe I could offer the most help to suffering people.

How I envision being helpful in a pain management establishment:

Most of my patients are people suffering with chronic pain and discomfort with contributing stress. Most of them have tried many approaches to solving or managing their pain with out getting enough sustainable relief. I am usually able to help in this kind of situation. A palliative care doctor told me what I do would be able to add much help within the fields of pain management and palliative care and that it should be researched. To give therapy I need a room at least 100 square feet. Having my therapy room located within a pain management, palliative care, and or pain research establishment would increase success for patients.
You will find me as some one who is not egotistical about anything and peaceful to be around.

I love what I do and want to offer it where it can be most useful. As far as compensation goes for my services I am happy living a frugal and simple life with my wife of 35 years. We have been happy living this way all our lives.

If interested in discussing this please contact me at or text or call me at 757-869-1936.

Thank you for your interest,
David R Herring

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