What to Expect During Your First Visit…

About the therapy process with David Herring

In the first visit we discuss your situation, then have at least an hour of therapy and discuss the findings of the session and a plan for helping you. All therapies used here are hands on, risk free, not painful, and relaxing.  They are science based and were developed by osteopathic doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapist.

It’s good to allow 90 minutes  to 2 hours to be here on the first visit. The cost is $85 for first visit  and $75 per hour of therapy for following sessions.  My clients usually experience improvements after the first session.

In the first session I usually use cranial sacral therapy (CST) and a unique form of myofascial release therapy (MFR).  All therapies given here are done fully clothed except for massage therapy.  Massage therapy is usually not necessary to accomplish good results.  MFR is unique because it is given to the fully clothed body and it is never painful and  it is capable of releasing stress and tension from all soft tissues down to the level of bone.  CST is not painful, releases deep seated stress and tensions, and enables me to discover and release a wide range of restrictions and sustained tensions that could be a significant contributor to your pain, stress, or discomfort.  Most clients leave feeling relaxed after the first session.

After the first session a plan for addressing your problem usually comes into view and we will discuss this after the session.   It is good to allow yourself to have two more sessions after the first one before deciding if therapy here has potential to help you. I never pressure clients to keep coming if they don’t want to or feel therapy here won’t help them. Cranial sacral therapy was developed by osteopathic doctors and the method of  myofascial release i use was developed by physical therapist.

After the first session integrative manual therapy and strain counter strain can be brought into your therapy process. All these therapies complement each other and offer effective risk free help for a  wide range of pain, stress and discomfort. When you come for your first appointment I will help you to understand how and why therapy here works with the help of visual aids I have at my office.

You are welcomed to call/text 757-869-1936 or email davidherring08@gmail.com with any questions or concerns before you schedule an appointment. I will be glad to discuss any of your questions or concerns.

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