Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST)

Gentle relaxing and non-invasive hands on therapy to the fully clothed body. It is compatible with most any other form of health care you may be having.

 Releases certain restrictions, sustained tensions, and deep seated stress that can contribute to low back pain, sciatica, hip joint pain, SI joint pain, TMJ pain, tinnitus, head aches, neck pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, chronic tensions, poor sleep, residual effects of concussions,  mystery pain, and general discomfort.  What are these certain restrictions? The sacrum is not able to have freedom movement it needs to have, or it is stuck torqued and twisted, the hip bones have lost their freedom of movement, the base of skull has lost its freedom of movement, the jaw is being held out of place by sustained tensions, any of the cranial or facial bones are not able to have their freedom of movement and various myofascial and muscle tissues are held in tension. Cranial sacral assessment techniques can find if any of these restrictions are exist in one session.  Cranial sacral therapy offers techniques for releasing any of these tensions and restrictions.  It also offers techniques for

 releasing  stress and tension left behind by severe injuries, frights and threats, and extreme emotional trauma.  Clients express their cranial sacral sessions as being deeply relaxing.

Cranial sacral therapy emerged from research Osteopathic doctors were conducting most notably Dr William Garner Sutherland and Dr. John Upledger.


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