Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR)

I use a unique form of MFR. What makes it unique is that it address not only  myofascial but also all the other types of connective tissues. It releases pain, stress, tension, and inflammation. MFR can be applied anywhere in the body so if can help pain any where in the body. It is particularly good for releasing inflammation, pain, and dysfunction in  joints.  MFR enables the immune system along with the lymph system to perform more effectively and efficiently because MFR reduces tension, pressures, and stress and reduces density of body fluids that have become too thick. This allows immune system’s germ and toxin eliminating functions to be more effective and efficient. This also enables nutrients to  circulate better. MFR can be applied to any location in the body, so it can help pain any where in the body. This allows the cells to absorb nutrients more effectively and for the cells to eliminate metabolic waste and non-organic toxins. It helps the body to eliminate pathogens stored deeply in the body, such as in fat tissue. It can also be used to target specific wounds and areas of the body that need support with, immunity, detox, reduction of tension and pain, and inflammation. 

In every therapy session given here MFR is integrated in as needed which allows the any other therapy being given to be more effective.

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