Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR)

I use a unique type of myofascial release therapy:  it addresses not just myofascial but also all the other types of connective tissue such as compressed bone and sustained tension in soft tissues of organs, and vessels and nerves. it never causes pain, is actually relaxing and stress releasing. is done while being clothed.
It offers techniques for softening scar tissue, and releasing fascial tensions anywhere in the body including internal sustained planes of tension and joint involved tight fascia and ligaments. Along the way of giving MFR, the immune system and lymph system become upgraded and detoxing gets promoted.  This promotes being well and healthy.  MFR is very good for promoting faster and less painful  recovery from injuries, surgeries, and infections as it helps to reduce inflammation  and helps to prevent interfering and pain causing scaring.  It can help in acute pain situations.
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